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Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd

Address   Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd
18 Market Place
EX39 2DR
United Kingdom: England 
   01237 474952   
Contact Mr David John Gale 
Year established: 1992
Practice statement:
Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd, established in 1992, is an award-winning RIBA Chartered Practice that focuses on regenerative design based on permaculture principles. Our projects unify ecology, building biology, physics and landscape design with elegant and efficient architecture to create beautiful, healthy and uplifting buildings and landscapes.

We believe that healthy design is at the core of good design for both building and landscapes. It is important to carefully consider both how buildings are designed and the choice of materials used. By incorporating Building Biology healthy design principles in a design from the outset, a building or landscape can provide an uplifting and life-enhancing environment. Building Biology is the holistic study of the man-made environment, human health and ecology. It is a living subject that brings together fields of study that are otherwise taught in isolation - an interconnecting science that brings together many facets relating to health and construction including: biology, medicine, building physics, chemistry and ecology.

Our designs focus on a fabric first and optimal orientation approach based on Passivhaus principles to first minimise the energy demand of a building, reducing its carbon emissions, before adding renewables where appropriate. The result is low-carbon solutions that respond to a changing climate and tackle fuel poverty at the same time.

We are an integrated team of architects, landscape architects, mechanical engineers, building physicists and biologists, certified Passivhaus designers and permaculture designers. As biologists who are also architects, our focus extends beyond the building. Our designs regenerate the environment, working with, rather than against natural systems; integrating people into designed, productive ecosystems.
In addition to larger projects, Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd will undertake:
 - One Off Houses
Contract values of projects: 0 to £49.99M
 - Full Time :   6
 - RIBA Chartered :   3
Partners / Directors :
Mr D J Gale BA(Hons),DipArch(Canterbury)
Mr I Snowden BSc(Hons),DipArch(Abdn)
Mr L P Millyard BA(Hons) Arch, DipArch
Services Offered:
Architects' Service & Fee Advice,  Building Services Engineering,  Cladding & Facade Design,  Community Development,  Community Planning & Participation,  Competition Assessor,  Computer Services,  Conservation & Restoration,  Contract Administration,  Design for Special Needs,  Ecological Architecture,  Energy / Environmental Expertise,  Energy Surveys,  Feasibility Studies,  Full Architectural Service,  Furniture Design,  Interior Design,  Landscape Design,  Lighting Design,  Listed Building Advice,  Lottery/Grant Bid Advice,  Materials Advice,  One Off Houses,  Planning Advice,  Planning Applications,  Product Design,  Production Information,  Project Management,  Publicity Materials,  Refurbishment,  Research,  Rural Planning & Design,  Self Build,  Site Administration,  Sustainable Design
Community Participation,  Conservation - Georgian Buildings,  Culture & Entertainment - Community Centres,  Culture & Entertainment - Conference Centres,  Culture & Entertainment - Entertainment Complexes,  Culture & Entertainment - Libraries,  Culture & Entertainment - Museums,  Culture & Entertainment - Visitors' Centres,  Education - Nursery Education,  Education - Primary Education,  Education - Secondary Education,  Education - Training Centres,  Hotels,  Houses and Housing - Conversion & Extensions,  Houses and Housing - General,  Houses and Housing - One-off Houses,  Houses and Housing - Sheltered Housing,  Landscaping - General,  Mixed Use Projects,  Retail - General,  Sport - Leisure Centres
Overseas Experience:
 - Egypt
 - Germany
 - English
 - German
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