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Friend and Company Architects

Address   Unit 167, Foundling Court
Brunswick Centre
   020 7713 7593   
   020 7713 7594   
Contact Mr Adrian Christopher Friend 
Year established: 2006
Practice statement:
Established in 2006, Friend & Co aims to create beautiful, simple buildings through a dialogue with clients, collaborators and end users. Adept at finding imaginative solutions to complex architectural problems the practice works on a variety of scales and embraces the complexities in architecture to satisfy individual briefs, with expertise in private residences, retail leisure and Primary and Higher education sectors. We have an exceptional team, both in both the workshop and the office.

Led by director Adrian Friend, the practice has an interest in how digital manufacturing can raise the quality of architecture and impact on design authorship. It is also researching new uses for high performance materials and a recent recipient of a Government Innovation Voucher to simulate how architecture can be factory made. We’ve done what others can’t and we constantly strive to push the boundaries and expectations of the design industry.

Practice based research explores how technology can socialise architecture to make construction truly collaborative and inspire citizen builders. Through our work we have defined the role of Maker Architects by knowledge gained in off-site manufacturing. High value manufacturing processes have been tested in proof-of-concept prototypes where construction is safe, green, accurate and faster than traditional building methods. Defining new pop-up architecture typologies through new methods of sub-assembly, results of which were published in a feasibility on flying factories funded by the Innovate UK. Practice work was recently published in New Architects 3, showcasing the best of Britain's emerging practices.

In addition to larger projects, Friend and Company Architects will undertake:
 - Domestic Projects <£100K
 - Domestic Projects <£30K
 - One Off Houses
Contract values of projects: 0 to £50M or more
 - RIBA Chartered :   1
 - Full Time :   7
Partners / Directors :
Mr A C Friend BA(Hons)(Kingston),DipArch(UCL)
Services Offered:
Architects' Service & Fee Advice,  Art & Architecture,  Brief Writing,  Building Information Modelling (BIM),  Building Technology,  CAD Services,  Church Quinquennial Inspections,  Cladding & Facade Design,  Client Advisor,  Client Representative,  Community Development,  Community Planning & Participation,  Competition Assessor,  Computer Graphics,  Computer Graphics,  Computer Services,  Conservation & Restoration,  Construction Management,  Construction Techniques,  Contract Administration,  Contract Advice,  Cost Estimating,  Cultural Design Specialist,  Design & Build,  Design for Special Needs,  Design Management,  Design Services only (Stage C),  Development Plans,  Domestic Projects <£100K,  Domestic Projects <£30K,  Drawing Service,  Ecological Architecture,  Energy / Environmental Expertise,  Energy Surveys,  Environmental Impact Analysis,  Exhibition Design,  Expert Witness,  Facade Engineering,  Feasibility Studies,  FFE (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment),  Film and Set Design,  Financial & Development Analysis,  Full Architectural Service,  Fund Raising Advice,  Furniture Design,  Interior Design,  Journalism,  Landscape Design,  Lightweight Structures,  Listed Building Advice,  Lottery/Grant Bid Advice,  Master Planning,  Materials Advice,  Model Making,  Multi-disciplinary Consultancy,  One Off Houses,  Party Wall Advice,  Planning Advice,  Planning Applications,  Post Occupancy Evaluation,  Product Design,  Product/ Component Development,  Production Information,  Project Management,  Public Enquiries,  Quantity Surveying,  Reclamation,  Refurbishment,  Remedial Work,  Research,  Rural Planning & Design,  Self Build,  Sustainable Design,  Systems Building,  Urban Planning & Design,  Valuations,  Value Engineering,  Working Drawings only
Agriculture - Estate Planning,  Agriculture - Farm Buildings,  Agriculture - General,  Animal Facilities - General,  Animal Facilities - Zoos,  Community Participation,  Conservation - 1920's 1930's Buildings,  Conservation - Barns, Mills & Oast Houses,  Conservation - General,  Conservation - Georgian Buildings,  Conservation - Timber Framed Structures,  Conservation -Victorian Buildings,  Culture & Entertainment - Art Galleries,  Culture & Entertainment - Community Centres,  Culture & Entertainment - Concert Halls,  Culture & Entertainment - Dance Facilities,  Culture & Entertainment - General,  Culture & Entertainment - Museums,  Culture & Entertainment - Theatres & Opera Houses,  Culture & Entertainment - Visitors' Centres,  Development,  Education - General,  Education - Higher Education,  Education - Nursery Education,  Education - Primary Education,  Education - Secondary Education,  Education - Special Needs,  Education - Training Centres,  Food and Beverage - Restaurants,  Government - Other Departments,  Houses and Housing - Conversion & Extensions,  Houses and Housing - Extension,  Houses and Housing - General,  Houses and Housing - One-off Houses,  Houses and Housing - Renovation,  Industrial - Food Processing,  Industrial - Warehousing,  Landscaping - Gardens,  Landscaping - General,  Landscaping - Highways,  Landscaping - Parks,  Offices - Developer,  Power Generation,  Retail - One-off Shops,  Sport - General,  Sport - Health Clubs,  Sport - Leisure Centres,  Sport - Marinas & Water Sports,  Sport - Specialist Sports Clubs,  Sport - Swimming Pools,  Transportation - Bridges,  Transportation - General,  Urban Planning & Design,  Utilities - Gas,  Utilities - Water
Overseas Experience:
 - China
 - Denmark
 - Ghana
 - Japan
 - New Zealand
 - Nigeria
 - South Africa
 - South Korea
 - Switzerland
 - Uganda
 - Czech
 - English
 - Finnish
 - French
 - German
 - Polish
 - Slovak
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